fledgeling music blog to share auditory stimulation I find fascinating; could be anything from avant garde sound art sample collage to indie folk industrial hip-hop or somesuch madness ;) also will be makin' 'n' sharin' eclectic cd length mp3 mixes monthly-bimonthly



well this is going well, even i forgot about it. :P goddamn being employed and shit.
bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-s

i think my next mix tape is going to be songs having something to do with armed robbery and also plain old stealing b/c i work in a lil' corner garocery store.
'n we got held up the other night. featuring a real live gun being fired in the store- not at me or my coworker, just to scare us...
yay. i can't figure out why i'm not more traumatized, i've even closed twice since it happened, once with periodic check-ins from a large male neighbor and then tonite totally on my own, till 'leven p.m. maybe the ptsd is yet to set in. :P eep.


today's findings dump (technically ystrdy)

"get your bootleg on" discussion board for discussing the making of and sharing bootlegs and mash-ups. Haven't poked around it yet, just found.

goodblimeydotcomslashtunes- a streamable and downloadable(haven't tried d/ling yet myself) collection of a mite over a hundred various mash-ups.

golem! - klezmer folk-punk sorta band based in New York. Due to a cock-up caused by their being multiple bands using the same name, the page on last fm is tagged "death metal". The music from this version of golem! however is indeed the main of the music featured on the golem last fm page.

golem! @

golem! @ myspace

some nifty electronic musics found cruising the myspace-

aliensextoy- "electronica/minimalist/experimental"

the midnight episode- "experimental"

fantomes suicidaires- "hip hop/rap/gothic"

boys noize- "electronica/indie/techno"

tokamat- "electro/rock/thrash"

L'Oniraunote- " electronica/ambient/breakbeat"

the button- "electro"

some death metal-

Monstrosity- "death metal/black metal/thrash"

and some rock/metal stuff-

acid bath- "metal/southern rock/industrial"

surely missed some but must sleep soon!!


the the the the the the uh um
i made this
mix c.d.
it is rather bizarre and eclectic.

i was going to to very simply toss some songs in a playlist and burn a cee dee for the entertainment of my ears whilst doing a rather unfortunate accumulation of dirty dishes. then i got sucked in! spent a few hours on the mix. i did finally do my dishes at something like one a.m.


**Note: link was f*cked up, now fixed**

the Dishes Party Mix @ megaupload

almost forgot- > i made it a cover too!

and i am hoping to get this bloggo thing a'going again with regular updates and more mixes a couple times a month too!

so do watch this space!

thank you for coming. interested in hearing any thoughts on the mix!


christianity ;)

a must listen!
God Will Fuck You Up

on a similar note but a more serious bent, go here and listen to the track "free will"

and also to keep abreast of some of the music I like and new things I discover, you can watch my friends' list at my other myspace page.


yrtl b haz a new tune!

yertl b. mcnugget, new track!

maybe i should try reviving this damn blog. of course noone reads it, not many were in the first place and then i quit updating it for ages and ages and ages.

hmmm... i might find time for this soon. in the meantime if anyone happens to come here, say "hi" so i know someone was paying attention, and if you haven't been here before check out the previous prior postings at least.

and lemme know what you think of the trax on myspace. :D

super duper.


still here, really

sorry for the lag back soon does anyone look at this thing anyway? :D


paranoia green eggs and Japan

i found myself humming this song today, it's a Japanese hip-hop song but it's got... I think maybe it's Shamisen? - Japanese stringed instrument in it... It's called Dakara Sono Te O Hanashi, at least according to whomever originally labeled, I don't recall where I found it... It's labeled as being Dabo, who I've heard other stuff by, and I'm not sure if that's correct. Anyway, it's a really good song. Do give it a listen. (the link is "this song" up there).

Here is a real good mash-up, Faint vs. Daft Punk, "Techno Attack". And you gotta check out the site that is from, Bass 211 Bootlegs, they podcast mash-ups and other good stuff. The most recent song up is a really neat cover of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" I am not linking directly that one. Do visit the site. :)

I believe I have mentioned Dictionaraoke("the singing dictionary") before, how so ever I dunno that I specifically referenced one of the bestest songs on there-- Stark Effect's rendition of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. If you like this visit Stark Effect dot com for more audio mayhem. And if you like this sort of stuff, mash-ups, or sample collage type stuff, be sure to visit the sites of the different artists who put together the songs on Dictionaraoke's site, each artist name is also a link to their website and most have other sorts of nifty audio miscellany they've created. And check out my prior posts as I have posted about such musics and sound art before.

I should note as I am speaking of such things that Negativlandland opened yesterday at Creative Electric Studios in NE Minneapolis. For more infos click on their name their and go to their website. And do check out Negativland's site.
I didn't end up going to the opening but I plan on checking this out soon.

who the h*ll is responsible 4 this sh*te?!?

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